BIOMOD™ is a platform for back clinical examination: innovative and scalable, it objectives, improves and modernizes the follow-up of spine deforming diseases.

Based on optical technology, it’s a non-invasive technology that represents a major benefit for the patient. Very easy-to-use, this platform gives you the opportunity to obtain clinical parameters measures with a scientific level of accuracy automatically and instantaneously!

Why choose BIOMOD™ L ?
  • For speed and accuracy:
    in 1 click, you have access to all clinical parameters
  • For patient care:
    the frequency of radiological examinations is reduced and so is the exposition to medical irradiation
  • To evaluate the efficiency of a treatment
    by visualizing the evolution of clinical parameters
  • To follow up the rehabilitation program :
    by comparing examinations with numerical and reliable data and assessing progress made
  • For a better communication with the patient :
    visualization of its back and treatment results; he is more involved, which contributes to your treatment success.